[DEPRECATED] A metapackage that installs Google Cloud Platform's gcloud CLI

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status: inactive
This package is deprecated, and is no longer being maintained.
Check out the Cloud SDK for operating system-specific installation instructions.
gcloud SDK package for NPM
This package is an NPMnpm wrapper around the gcloud SDKgcloud-sdk installer for Google Cloud Platformgcp. It supports OSX, Windows, and Linux.
If the gcloud SDK is not present on your machine, this package will install it. Otherwise, it will update the existing installation using gcloud components update.


npm install -g @google-cloud/cloud-sdk


On Windows, this package requires PowerShell access.
On Linux and OSX, this package requires either bash, fish, or zsh.


This package has several caveats: - This package adds a PATH entry pointing to the gcloud binary, which must be manually removed - On Windows, this package installs a specific version of the gcloud SDK if no existing installation is detected. Otherwise, it installs (or updates to) the newest available version. - Multiple installations: this package can only be installed in one location at a time. If the first installation is removed, this package must be reinstalled to restore gcloud access. - Shell detection: on OSX and Linux, this package relies on the SHELL environment variable. If this is not set correctly, gcloud may not be added to the user's path. - This package runs a postinstall script. If postinstall scripts are not enabled (e.g. due to npm install --ignore-scripts), then this package will not install correctly.
We plan to fix some of these caveats in a later release.


In addition to the standard package removal process, the following additional artifacts must be manually removed:
  • PATH entry

Project Status

This project is deprecated, and is no longer being maintained.
The direction of the project, its underlying design decisions, and/or Google's commitment to it may change rapidly and/or without prior notice.
Furthermore, this is not an official Google product - experimental or otherwise.