Extends the Google Maps JavaScript API to provide markers with associated labels.

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MarkerWithLabel for V3


MarkerWithLabel extends the Google Maps JavaScript API V3 google.maps.Marker class. MarkerWithLabel allows you to define markers with associated labels. As you would expect, if the marker is draggable, so too will be the label. In addition, a marker with a label responds to all mouse events in the same manner as a regular marker. It also fires mouse events and "property changed" events just as a regular marker would. Version 1.1 adds support for the raiseOnDrag feature introduced in API V3.3.
If you drag a marker by its label, you can cancel the drag and return the marker to its original position by pressing the Esc key. This doesn't work if you drag the marker itself because this feature is not (yet) supported in the google.maps.Marker class.


Available via NPM as the package @google/markerwithlabel



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