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Greenpress CLI
A command-line interface to help you create and manage your Greenpress application / website.


npm install -g @greenpress/cli


  • help: provides information about all the supported commands
usage: greenpress h, greenpress --help
  • version: provides information about installed cli's version
usage: greenpress -V, greenpress --version
  • start: starts app
usage: greenpress start mode -l, --local= \-x, --exclude = \-d, --debug options:
* mode: choose developer (input: dev) or user (no input required) application mode
  * local: if in dev mode and would like to run one of the key services (auth, secretes, assets, content, admin, front) from your local dev folder (my-app/dev), use the local option. E.g.:
	  > greenpress start dev -l assets,front
  > greenpress start dev --local=assets,front
* exclude: choose which services not to start. In production, the default will be to exclude the db service. E.g:
  	> greenpress start -x none
* debug: keeps the start process alive and display live application logs
  • stop: shuts down app
usage: greenpress stop
  • upgrade: compares local dependencies version with latest Greenpress version, allow user to upgrade local dependencies on will
usage: greenpress upgrade
  • create: create a new app using greenpress
usage: greenpress create name type altFront mode options:
* name: choose app name
* type: choose developer (input: pm2) or user (no input required) packages
* altFront: choose alternative app frontend source (input: alternative frontend source's url)
* mode: choose developer (input: dev) or user (no input required) mode
  • populate: create initial content and admin user for your app
usage: greenpress populate
  • missing: checks if dependencies are install. If not, provides an installation link for them, else, displays their version number.
usage: greenpress missing
  • service: handles actions for easier development of services
usage: greenpress service action services supported services: auth, admin, assets, secrets, content, front supported actions: create: creates a dev folder (if doesn't exist) and clones the requested services into it
* -b/--branch <branch_name>: clones the services immeditaly to the requested branch (**if multiple services are requested, all must have the same branch name**)