The swiss knife for making sass better to use.

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The swiss knife SCSS library
Author: Jack Version: 0.0.1 Date: Wed Nov 15 12:36:43 2017
This is a swiss knife SCSS library which has these main functions:
  • Fundamental functions for typography: Which will use some kind of library provides the fundations for typography.
  • Auto Prefix support: The auto prefix function is the most important reason that Sass mixin exists
  • Flexible grid system: Will support two grid system(bootstrap style and the flex style), user can use these functions to generate the grid system they want, will provide a boilerplate code for that too
  • Handful CSS user components(maybe use some mature widget kits), but will interfere their SCSS libraries with this(for example, grid system, and typography), so the framework should be pick carefully.
  • A dependency management support tool for Scss, fix the problem that Scss can't have any meaningful dependency management

The main purpose of this library is to provide a solid foundation for SCSS development(which is really bad these days), and use this foundation to include some mature widget kits to make them working without too much efforts