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@h4x/common is a Typescript/JavaScript library that provides a lot of useful helpers without extending any built-in objects. It is mainly used in other @h4x/ packages, but it is designed as a universal package that can be used anywhere, including in the browser(with few exports disabled).
The packages doesn't have any dependencies, it does have devDependencies that are used during the development of the package. All of the variables, classes and functions are strictly typed and fully tested.


The export for node is done using typescript compiler with "es2015" target, typing files are exported along side of JavaScript files and are setup in the package.json so they should just work without the need to download external typings.


The export for the browser is done using rollup using the esm format (es module). This format works in both rollup and webpack. The export includes a source map file and typings are provided by the main export. The exports are exposed on the package using both "jsnext:main" and "module".