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@handsontable/jstat - JavaScript Statistical Library
jStat provides native javascript implementations of statistical functions. Full details are available in the docs. jStat provides more functions than most libraries, including the weibull, cauchy, poisson, hypergeometric, and beta distributions. For most distributions, jStat provides the pdf, cdf, inverse, mean, mode, variance, and a sample function, allowing for more complex calculations.
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Table of contents

1. Installation 2. Getting Started 3. Building jStat 4. Running Tests 5. Get the Code 6. Contributing 7. Licensing


Use npm to download the project.
npm install @handsontable/jstat

Getting Started

jStat can be used in the browser. The jStat object will be added to the window. For example:
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@handsontable/jstat/dist/jstat.min.js"></script> <!-- include jStat, from the CDN or otherwise -->
var jstat = this.jStat(dataset); // jStat will be added to the window

data[i]['cum'] = jstat.normal(jstat.mean(), jstat.stdev()).cdf(data[i].x);

Using jStat in Node environment.
const jStat = require('@handsontable/jstat');

data[i]['cum'] = jStat.normal(jStat.mean(), jStat.stdev()).cdf(data[i].x);

Building jStat

First, clone a copy of the jStat git repo by running git clone https://github.com/handsontable/jstat.git.
To download all necessary dependencies run npm install in the cloned repository.
Then, to get a complete, minified version of jStat and all documentation, simply type npm run all.
The built version of jStat will be put in the dist/ subdirectory.
Generate just the documentation by running npm run doc. Documentation will be placed in dist/docs by default.
To remove all built files, run npm run clean.

Running Tests

Execute all tests by running npm run test.
Or if you wish to run a specific test, cd to test/<subdir> and run node <some_test>-test.js.

Get the Code

Both the minified and unminified source are located in the dist/ directory. For those who don't want to build it themselves.


If you would like to help us to develop this library, please first read the guide for contributors.


This library is released under the MIT license. The project is based on the great work of jStat.