XLSX Spreadsheets parser for DocFlux

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DocFlux Spreadsheets
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Allows you to create XLSX spreadsheets using DocFlux.


This will generate a table with 2 rows in it with a table name (for XLSX) called People.
import { DocFlux } from '@harvest-profit/doc-flux';
/** @jsx DocFlux.createElement */

export default ExampleComponent = () => (


Clone this repo, and begin committing changes. PRs are preferred over committing directly to master.
To run tests locally on your machine, run the following:
yarn run test

To preview documentation locally on your machine, run the following:
yarn run build-docs

After merging your pull request, consider updating the documentation with the following command:
yarn run publish-docs

To deploy a new version to NPM, bump the version number, commit/merge to master, and run the following:
yarn run clean
yarn run build

# Either NPM
npm publish
# Or Yarn, they do the same thing
yarn publish


This project is MIT licensed