React Native event tracking with Heap.

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React Native tracker for Heap.

Heap Customer Support

Thanks for using Heap's React Native SDK! If you're having any issues, please reach out to customer support at . For the best service, include "React Native" in the subject and your app id or customer email address in the body. Also, feel free to file a github issue or open a PR! If you do so, be sure to include a link in your request to customer support. Our engineering team checks for new PRs and github issues and tries to respond as soon as possible.

Getting Started Expo Managed Workflow

expo install @heap/react-native-heap

Getting Started Expo Bare Workflow or Non Expo app

npm install @heap/react-native-heap

For autotrack, add the following plugins to your .babelrc or babel.config.js file (not required for manual tracking):
  "plugins": [

Installation & Setup


See our docs.


Thank you to Mark Miyashita for creating negativetwelve/react-native-heap-analytics, which was the initial basis for this library!