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This package retains the source of the library of HIG icons. You can import individual icons to render on your app.
import { Assets24 } from "@hig/icons";

const MyComponent = () => (
    <div className="my-class">
        <Assets24 />

export default MyComponent

Read more about where and how to use icons on the website.

Getting started

Install the package

yarn add @hig/icons @hig/theme-context @hig/theme-data

Adding a New Icon

To add a new SVG icon to the library, add the svg file to the src/icons directory.
Then run the following command:
yarn build-icons

This will use SVGO to optimize the new icon, and update our release files. Remember to commit these changes.

Accessing SVG source files

SVG source files for all icons are available in the build/svg subdirectory of the @hig/icons package (e.g. ./node_modules/@hig/icons/build/svg).


Use the className prop to pass in a css class name to the outermost container of the component. The class name will also pass down to most of the other styled elements within the component.
Icons can take a color prop that will accept any hex code, rgb, rgba, or color string that can change the default color. Icons also has a stylesheet prop that accepts a function wherein you can modify its styles.