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Notifications Toast
Toasts are floating message boxes that appear up to a maximum of three at a time (similar events may be grouped). These are primarily informational they report a system occurrence that typically does not require much user action.
Read more about when and how to use the Toast component on the internal wiki.

Getting started

Install the package

yarn add @hig/notifications-toast @hig/theme-context @hig/theme-data

Import the component

import NotificationsToast from '@hig/notifications-toast';


Use the className prop to pass in a css class name to the outermost container of the component. The class name will also pass down to most of the other styled elements within the component.
NotificationsToast also has a stylesheet prop that accepts a function wherein you can modify NotificationsToast's styles. The original styles, props, and current theme data will be passed to your custom stylesheet function, and it should return an object with the same structure as the original styles. For instance
function customStylesheet(styles, props, themeData) {
  return {
    toast: {
      position: "absolute"
    toastImageContainer: {
      borderColor: props.variant === "box"
        ? themeData["basics.colors.secondary.green.100"]
        : themeData["basics.colors.secondary.darkBlue.100"]
    toastBody: {
      cursor: "default"
    toastMessage: {
      backgroundColor: themeData["colorScheme.reference.accent"]
    toastDismiss: {
      padding: "0 12px"
    toastListWrapper: {
      display: "flex"
    toastList: {
      flexDirection: "row"