Typescript Minimal Starter Kit for building libraries

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Typescript Library Boilerplate Basic

Minimal Library Starter Kit for your Typescript projects
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For a plain Javascript alternative, check out js-library-boilerplate-basic.

⭐️ Features

  • Webpack 5
  • Babel 7
  • Hot reloading (npm start)
  • Automatic Types file generation (index.d.ts)
  • UMD exports, so your library works everywhere.
  • Jest unit testing
  • Customizable file headers for your build (Example 1) (Example2)
  • Daily dependabot dependency updates

📦 Getting Started

git clone https://github.com/hodgef/ts-library-boilerplate-basic.git myLibrary
npm install

💎 Customization

Before shipping, make sure to:

  1. Edit LICENSE file
  2. Edit package.json information (These will be used to generate the headers for your built files)
  3. Edit library: "MyLibrary" with your library's export name in ./webpack.config.js

🚀 Deployment

  1. npm publish
  2. Your users can include your library as usual


import MyLibrary from 'my-library';
const libraryInstance = new MyLibrary();


<script src="build/index.js"></script>

const MyLibrary = window.MyLibrary.default;
const libraryInstance = new MyLibrary();

✅ Libraries built with this boilerplate

Made a library using this starter kit? Share it here by submitting a pull request!