RethinkDB Horizon is an open-source developer platform for building realtime, scalable web apps.

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Horizon Client Library
The Horizon client library. Built to interact with the Horizon Server API. Provides all the tooling to build a fully-functional and reactive front-end web application.


Running npm install for the first time will build the browser bundle and lib files.
  1. npm install
  2. npm run dev (or npm run build or npm run compile, see below)

Build Options

Command | Description --------------------|---------------------------- npm run build | Build dist/horizon.js minified production browser bundle npm run builddebug | Build with webpack and output debug logging npm run compile | Compile src to lib for CommonJS module loaders (such as webpack, browserify) npm run coverage | Run code coverage tool - istanbul npm run dev | Watch directory for changes, build dist/horizon.js unminified browser bundle npm run devtest | Serve dist directory to build app and continuously run tests npm test | Run tests in node npm run lint -s | Lint src npm run test | Run tests

Running tests

  • npm test or open dist/test.html in your browser after getting setup and while you also have Horizon server with the --dev flag running on localhost.
  • You can spin up a dev server by cloning the horizon repo and running node serve.js in test directory in repo root. Then tests can be accessed from . Source maps work properly when served via http, not from file system. You can test the production version via NODE_ENV=production node serve.js. You may want to use test/setupDev.sh to set the needed local npm links for development.


Getting Started



Users and Groups


Setting Permissions


Clearing tokens

Sometimes you may wish to delete all authentication tokens from localStorage. You can do that with:
// Note the 'H'