4,500+ vector icons as easy to use React Components

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React Unicons
4,500+ Pixel-perfect vector icons as React Components. These icons are designed by IconScout.

Getting Started

You can easily install react-unicons using npm.
npm install --save @iconscout/react-unicons
Or using yarn
yarn add @iconscout/react-unicons


Use individual icons

import React from 'react';
import UilReact from '@iconscout/react-unicons/icons/uil-react'

const App = () => {
  return <UilReact size="140" color="#61DAFB" />

export default App;

You can customize icons as below:
<Unicons.UilReact size="140" color="#61DAFB" />

Usage as full Package

import React from 'react';
import * as Unicons from '@iconscout/react-unicons';

const App = () => {
  return <Unicons.UilReact />

export default App;

### More ways
- [React-native-unicons](https://github.com/Iconscout/react-native-unicons)
- [Vue-unicons](https://github.com/antonreshetov/vue-unicons) by [Anton Reshetov](https://github.com/antonreshetov)
- [Vector SVGs](https://iconscout.com/unicons)
- [Icon Font](https://github.com/Iconscout/unicons)

## Contributing
We will be happy to have community support for Unicons. Feel free to fork and create pull requests. We have given a small roadmap above so that you can help us build these features.

### Request icons
Can't find the icon you are looking for? No worries, we will design it for you. And we'll be happy to design them in upcoming weeks.

[Request Icon](mailto:support@iconscout.com)

## License
Unicons are Open Source icons and licensed under [IconScout Simple License](https://iconscout.com/licenses#simple_license). You're free to use these icons in your personal and commercial project. We would love to see the attribution in your app's **about** screen, but it's not mandatory.
React Unicons by <a href="https://iconscout.com/">IconScout</a>