High-performance Angular 2+ openalpr scanner

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Angular scanner component to scan licenceplate with openALPR

How To

I promise that it's very easy to use:
<!-- some.component.html -->


  • @Input() autofocusEnabled
Default is true. Define if the autofocus is enabled
  • @Input() device: MediaDeviceInfo;
Input the device what you want to use. Getting devices via camerasFound Output.
  • @Input() disableCamera: boolean;
Input an event when the camera will disable
  • @Input() openalprsecret: string;
The secret for the openalpr api.
  • @Input() openalprcountry: string = 'eu';
Define the country where you want to use.
  • @Output() camerasFound = new EventEmitter>();
Emits the cameras of the device.
  • @Output() permissionResponse = new EventEmitter();
Emits true/false when no camerapermission.
  • @Output() licencePlate = new EventEmitter();
Outputs the licenceplate when process is done.
  • @Output() inProgress = new EventEmitter();
Outputs an event when component is in progress.