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A javascript based uploader for kaltura.


npm install k5uploader


  1. This uploader uses javascript, you may need to set up CORS with your kaltura instance to use it. By default kaltura does not have such headers.

  1. The uploader uses xhr2. Evergreen browsers support it today. Your support needs may limit your ability to use it.


//grab a file somehow
var file = this.files[0];

// options to configure the uploader
var opts = {
  kaltura_session: {
    ks: '', // valid kaltura session
    subp_id: '', //valid kaltura subpartner id
    partner_id: '', // valid kaltura partner id
    uid: '', // valid kaltura uid
    serverTime: '' // optional timestamp from session
  allowedMediaTypes: ['video', 'audio'], // defaults
  uploadUrl: 'http://kaltura_box.com/index.php/partnerservices2/upload',
  entryUrl: 'http://kaltura_box.com/index.php/partnerservices2/addEntry',
  uiconfUrl: 'http://kaltura_box.com/index.php/partnerservices2/getuiconf',
  entryDefaults: {
    partnerData: "optional custom serialized data here",

// create instance with options
var uploader = new K5Uploader(opts);

// wait for 'K5.ready' and upload the file
uploader.addEventListener('K5.ready', function()() {


The K5Uploader dispatches several events during the upload process. Listen to them or ignore them as your needs dictate.
|Event | Description| |:---- |:---------- | |K5.uiconfError | there has been an error loading data from the uiconfUrl | | K5.ready | a valid kaltura session and uiconf serivce data is loaded. now save to upload | | K5.fileError | uploaded filetype is not included in the allowedMediaTypes options | | K5.progress | upload progress is detected | | K5.complete | upload is complete | | K5.error | error uploading file or adding upload via entryUrl |

Dealing with events

In order to register an event handler, the K5Uploader includes the following methods:
k5Uploader.addEventListener(eventName, callback);
k5Uploader.removeEventListener(eventName, callback)