Angular specific wrappers for @ionic/core

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Ionic Angular specific building blocks on top of @ionic/core components.



Testing ng-add in ionic

  1. Pull the latest from main
  2. Build ionic/angular: npm run build
  3. Run npm link from ionic/angular/dist directory
  4. Create a blank angular project

ng new add-test
// Say yes to including the router, we need it
cd add-test

  1. To run schematics locally, we need the schematics-cli (once published, this will not be needed)

npm install @angular-devkit/schematics-cli

  1. Link @ionic/angular

npm link @ionic/angular

  1. Run the local copy of the ng-add schematic

$ npx schematics @ionic/angular:ng-add

You'll now be able to add ionic components to a vanilla Angular app setup.