utility functions for querying jambonz redis database

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jambonz-realtimedb-helpers CI
A set of helper functions to access data in the jambonz in-memory database (currently implemented using redis).
This module exposes a function that should be called with redis configuration options and, optionally, a pino logger function. It then returns an object containing various useful functions for accessing and updating the database.
const opts = {
  "host": "localhost",
  "port": 3279
const logger = require('pino')();
const {updateCallStatus} = require('jambonz-realtimedb-helpers')(opts, logger);


  • updateCallStatus - adds or updates the call status for a given call identified by call Sid.
  • retrieveCallInfo - retrieves the call data for a call.
  • listCallInfo - retrieves all the calls for a given account
  • deleteCall - removes call data for a call.
  • purgeCalls - removes call data for all calls that completed some time ago.
  • synthAudio - retrieves generated tts audio from cache, or generates it


updateCallStatus(callInfo, serviceUrl)

returns a Promise yielding a boolean indicating success or failure of the operation.

Adds or updates the information about a call. The callInfo object must contain (at least) the following properties:
| property | description | | ------------- |-------------| | callSid | the Call Sid for this call| | callId | the SIP Call-ID | | sipStatus | the most recent sip status - a value of 100 means this is a new call that should be added| | callStatus | one of 'trying', 'ringing', 'early-media', 'in-progress', 'completed', 'failed', 'busy', 'no-answer', or 'queued'|
Additionally, the serviceUrl parameter is required if the sipStatus is 100 (i.e. a new call). It must contain the service endpoint of the specific feature-server instance that is controlling this call.
When a call reaches a final state ('completed', 'failed', 'busy', or 'no-answer') the associated call data will be purged one hours later. This database is intended only to be used for live call information.


retrieveCallInfo(accountSid, callSid)

returns a Promise yielding the call information as an object.

Retrieves the call information associated with a given call sid, if available.
const callInfo = await retrieveCallInfo(accountSid, callSid);
if (!callInfo) {
  logger.info(`call for ${callSid} not found);



returns a Promise yielding an array of information about calls.

Retrieves all of the active (or recently-active) calls for an Account.
const calls = await listCallInfo(accountSid);


deleteCall(accountSid, callSid)

returns boolean indicating if call was successfully deleted

Deletes a Call.
const result = await deleteCall(accountSid, callSid);



returns number of calls purged

Purges call data for calls that ended some time ago.
const countDeleted = await purgeCalls();


synthAudio({vendor, language, voice, text})

returns the path to a temporary file containing the generated audio

Generates audio for text, retrieving previously generated audio from cache if available. Audio is cached for 24 hours.
const path = await synthAudio({
  vendor: 'aws', 
  language: 'en-US', 
  voice: 'Amy', 
  text: 'This is a test'