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NG Confirmations
An easy to use alert library for Angular. A demo can be found here


To install this library, run: ```bash $ npm install --save @jaspero/ng-confirmations ```


Import JasperoConfirmationsModule in your @NgModule: ```ts @NgModule({
imports: [
declarations: [AppComponent],
bootstrap: [AppComponent]
}) export class AppModule {} ``` Then create the component in a root component (you can create it anywhere but you can only use it in that component on any lower ones). ```html defaultSettings="options"> ```

How To Use

You need to import the ConfirmationService in your component: ```typescript constructor(private confirmation: ConfirmationService) {} ``` Then use the create(title: any, message: any, settings: ConfirmSettings) method to initiate the confirmation modal. ```typescript open() {
this._confirmation.create('Do something?', 'You should really just do it.')
// The confirmation returns an Observable Subject which will notify you about the outcome
.subscribe((ans: ResolveEmit) => console.log(ans))
} ```


This is returned by the create() method. ```typescript export interface ResolveEmit {
// Returns this if modal resolved with yes or no
resolved?: boolean;
// If the modal was closed in some other way this is removed
closedWithOutResolving?: string;
} ``` If the modal was closed by clicking on yes/no this is returned: ```typescript {resolved: true // false if no was pressed} ``` If the modal was closed in any other way: ```typescript {closedWithOutResolving: 'overlayClick' // reason for closing} ```


Available settings: ```typescript export interface ConfirmSettings {
overlay?: boolean; // Default: true
overlayClickToClose?: boolean; // Default: true
showCloseButton?: boolean; // Default: true
confirmText?: string | TemplateRef; // Default: 'Yes'
declineText?: string | TemplateRef; // Default: 'No'
} ``` You can provide the settings as input to the <jaspero-confirmations></jaspero-confirmations> component. Making the settings default for each created alert. However you can also override the settings by passing them in the create() method. Note: The title, message, confirmText and declineText properties can all be either a string an html string or a TemplateRef.


Does this library support AoT? Yes AoT is supported. Does the defaultSettings input need to be provided? No, if none was provided the defaults are used.


To generate all *.js, *.d.ts and *.metadata.json files: ```bash $ npm run build ``` To lint all *.ts files: ```bash $ npm run lint ```


MIT © Jaspero co.