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JetBrains icons
official JetBrains project
A set of icons used in JetBrains' web applications.


npm install @jetbrains/icons


You might need to set up appropriate infrastracture to use icons in your app. We recommend to use webpack and svg-sprite-loader in order to use this icons in your app.
It is also possible to import icon as a JS file without setting up any loaders: import lockIconSource from '@jetbrains/icons/lock'


To add an icon, one should just create an .svg file in the "src" directory. All icons are processed with SVGO on publish. Even though SVGO removes pretty every unnecessary attribute, please ensure that file doesn't contain generated IDs, <title>-element or any other junk. Every SVG file should have "width" and "height" attributes set.
Run npm start command to see the demo page.