A CLI tool to minify JSON/C, HTML and CSS.

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MinifyAll CLI
A simple package to minify your web code, you will love its simplicity!
With MinifyAll you will be able to minify .html, .css, .json and .jsonc directly from the CLI. It also supports minifying an entire directory recursively (finding the available file extensions), you could also change the suffix of the new minified file (by default "-min"), toggle the minimization of RGB/HEX values, preserve license comments and much more!
Use it as a CLI command or as a normal package!
MinifyAll uses regex as its main and only minimization tool, that will lead to impressive minify times compared to other minifiers that deeply analyze the code.
Check the website or the original VSCode extension.
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Languages available 🧪🔥

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JSON


### Global installation
npm i @josee9988/minifyall --save-dev # install the package globally

### Package installation
```bash npm i @josee9988/minifyall --save # install the package in your project ```


CLI usage

minifyall --help or minifyall --help will output:
``` MinifyAllCli v1.2.2
Usage: minifyall file options
Global options:
-h, --help Output usage information. (will ignore any other arguments) -v, --version Output package version. (will ignore any other arguments) -m, --minify-hex Will minify the hexadecimal color values. (default = false) -s, --suffix Append a suffix string to the minified filename -o, --output The new output file (will ignore "--suffix" argument) -d, --dir Will recursively look for HTML/CSS/JSON files inside a directory and will minify every one (will ignore "--output" argument)
Examples of use: minifyall --help minifyall --version minifyall myFile.css minifyall pathToMyFile/dirs/myFile.css minifyall myFile.css -m -s .min minifyall myFile.css --minify-hex -s -minified minifyall myFile.css --output someFolder/myNewFile.css minifyall --dir myFolder/
For more information visit: https://github.com/Josee9988/MinifyAllCli ```

Package usage

  1. Import the package.

    import {MinifyAllClass} from '@josee9988/minifyall'; // import it
  1. Initialize the minifier.

const minifyall: MinifyAllClass = new MinifyAllClass(false); // initialize the class (true for minifying color values such as HEXADECIMAL/RGB/RGBA)
  1. Use the minifier by passing the function your array of strings (: string) with your non minified code.

const minifiedHtmlCode: string = minifyall.minifyHtml(HTMLNotMinified); // html
const minifiedCssCode: string = minifyall.minifyCssScssLessSass(CSSNotMinified); // css
const minifiedJsonCode: string = minifyall.minifyJsonJsonc(JSONNotMinified); // json/c

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This project is actively looking for new contributors to develop new functions, maintain and improve the project. If you are interested make sure to fork the project and pull-request your improvements to be added as a contributor!
Made with a lot of ❤️❤️ by @Josee9988