Utilities for JSCAD IO Packages

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Input/Output handling utilities

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This contains following utilities:
  • makeBlob : converts arrays of raw data output by the various serializers into
a Blob that can also be converted to Node.js buffer

Table of Contents


npm install @jscad/io-utils


const {makeBlob} = require('@jscad/io-utils')
const stlSerializer = require('@jscad/stl-serializer')

const rawData = stlSerializer(CSGObject)

const blob = new makeBlob(rawData)
//get a Node.js buffer
const buffer = blob.asBuffer()


The various JSCAD packages and all source code are part of the JSCAD Organization, and maintained by a group of volunteers. We welcome and encourage anyone to pitch in but please take a moment to read the following guidelines.
  • If you want to submit a bug report please make sure to follow the Reporting Issues guide. Bug reports are accepted as Issues via GitHub.

  • We only accept bug reports and pull requests on GitHub.

  • If you have a change or new feature in mind, please start a conversation with the Core Developers and start contributing changes.

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The MIT License (MIT) (unless specified otherwise)