detect when tap output is finished

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detect when tap output is finished
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Normally with tap-parser the 'results' event fires only after the stream is closed. This module lets you detect whether a stream seems closed without waiting for the 'end' event.
Given this tap output in tap_output.txt:
TAP version 13
# wait
ok 1 (unnamed assert)
not ok 2 should be equal
    operator: equal
    expected: 5
    actual:   4

# tests 2
# pass  1
# fail  1

and given this script that pipes stdin into the finished stream:
var finished = require('tap-finished');
var stream = finished(function (results) {

We'll use cat to create a stream that contains the tap output but doesn't end and then pipe that to the script:
$ cat tap_output.txt /dev/stdin | node stream.js 
{ ok: false,
   [ { ok: true, number: 1, name: '(unnamed assert)' },
     { ok: false, number: 2, name: 'should be equal' } ],
  pass: [ { ok: true, number: 1, name: '(unnamed assert)' } ],
  fail: [ { ok: false, number: 2, name: 'should be equal' } ],
  errors: [],
  plan: { start: 1, end: 2 } }

Even though the 'end' message never came, we still got the parsed results. Yay!
var finished = require('tap-finished')

var ws = finished(opts={}, cb)

Return a writable stream ws that consumes tap input. cb(results) fires with the results from tap-parser when the stream seems finished or when the 'end' event occurs.
opts.wait controls how long to wait in milliseconds for more input before firing the cb if the 'end' event doesn't fire.
With npm do:
npm install tap-finished

You can use this module in the browser with browserify.