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Stencil for Web Components boilerplate with Storybook
Hi there šŸ‘‹
This is a boilerplate for building a standalone Web Component using Stencil and Storybook with addon controls.

šŸš€ Getting Started

To start using this boilerplate, clone this repo to a new directory:
git clone https://github.com/miriamgonp/stencil-web-components-boilerplate.git

šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» Usage

To build the component and run Storybook, run:
npm start
To generate a new component, run:
npm run generate <sub-folder>

šŸ‘ Contributing

  • :octocat: Pull requests and šŸŒŸ stars are always welcome.
  • For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.
  • Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.

šŸ“© Contact

šŸ“§ miriam.mgp@gmail.com
šŸ¦ Twitter @miriamgonp
šŸ’¼ Linkedin @miriamgop


MIT Ā© Miriam Gonzalez