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Fozzie Bear
Global Footer Component for Vue.js.

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Install the module using npm or Yarn:
yarn add @justeat/f-footer

npm install @justeat/f-footer

Vue Applications

You can import it in your Vue SFC like this (please note that styles have to be imported separately):
import VueFooter from '@justeat/f-footer';
import '@justeat/f-footer/dist/f-footer.css';

export default {
    components: {

If you are using Webpack, you can import the component dynamically to separate the f-footer bundle from the main bundle.client.js:
import '@justeat/f-footer/dist/f-footer.css';

export default {
    components: {
      // …
        VueFooter: () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "vue-footer" */ '@justeat/f-footer')

  • If there's a vue-i18n plugin in the project, footer component can be called without any props:

<vue-footer />

  • Or you can pass locale as a property to specify the tenant:

<vue-footer locale="en-GB" />

  1. Browser Support
This component extends [@justeat/browserslist-config-fozzie](https://github.com/justeat/browserslist-config-fozzie).



There may be props that allow you to customise its functionality.
The props that can be defined are as follows (if any):
| Prop | Type | Default | Description | | --------------------- | -------- | ------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | locale | String | '' | Should be passed if vue-i18n plugin not used by consuming application. | | showCourierLinks | Bool | true | Controls whether to show courier links in footer. | | showCountrySelector | Bool | true | Controls whether to show country selector in footer. | | content | Object | {} | Content to be displayed in the footer (sections, links, etc.) |

CSS Classes

The footer has its own styles which are scoped to the component using CSS modules to prevent conflicts with existing styles on the page.
In addition to this, the footer exposes some classes which you can target in your application.
| Class | Description | | ----- | ----------- | | c-footer-row-linkLists | Can be used to target the footer with the list of links | | c-footer-row-partnerLinks | Can be used to target the footer's links for curiers and partners | | c-footer-row-socialLinks | Can be used to target the footer's links for our apps and social media links |


The events that can be subscribed to are as follows (if any):
| Event | Description | | ----- | ----------- |


Start by cloning the repository and installing the required dependencies:
$ git clone git@github.com:justeat/fozzie-components.git
$ cd fozzie-components
$ yarn

Change directory to the f-footer package:
$ cd packages/components/molecules/f-footer


Unit, Integration and Contract

To test all components, run from root directory. To test only f-footer, run from the ./packages/components/organisms/f-footer directory.
yarn test

Component Tests

# Run Component tests for all components
# Note: Ensure Storybook is not running when running the following commands
cd ./fozzie-components

yarn storybook:build
yarn storybook:serve-static
yarn test-component:chrome

# Run Component tests for f-footer
# Note: Ensure Storybook is not running when running the following commands
cd ./packages/components/organisms/f-footer
yarn test-component:chrome