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Fozzie Bear
Global Header Component for Vue.js.

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Install the module using NPM or Yarn:
yarn add @justeat/f-header

npm install @justeat/f-header

Vue Applications

You can import it in your Vue SFC like this (please note that styles have to be imported separately):
import VueHeader from '@justeat/f-header';
import '@justeat/f-header/dist/f-header.css';

export default {
    components: {

If you are using Webpack, you can import the component dynamically to separate the f-header bundle from the main bundle.client.js:
import '@justeat/f-header/dist/f-header.css';

export default {
    components: {
      // …
        VueHeader: () => import(/* webpackChunkName: "vue-header" */ '@justeat/f-header')

The package also has dependencies that need to be installed by consuming components/applications:
| Dependency | Command to install | Styles to include | | ----- | ----- | ----- | | f-button | yarn add @justeat/f-button | import '@justeat/f-button/dist/f-button.css'; | | f-popover | yarn add @justeat/f-popover | import '@justeat/f-popover/dist/f-popover.css'; |



f-header has a number of props that allow you to customise its functionality.
The props that can be defined are as follows:
| Prop | Type | Default | Description | | :--- | :---: | :---: | :--- | | locale | String | en-GB | Sets the locale of the component (which determines what theme and translations to use.

If the application consuming the f-header component is using the vue i18n module, then the locale from that module will be used when this prop isn't defined. When this prop is defined, it takes precedence over the locale defined by the i18n module.

If not defined and the i18n module isn't present, the default locale used is en-GB.| | customNavLinks | Array | [] | Array containing objects representing the custom links. To contain text, url and gtm properties. | | errorLog | Function | - | Function passed in for logging errors with the fetchUserInfo method. | | headerBackgroundTheme | String | white | Sets the background theme for the header component.

When set to white the header will be white with the default logo colour.
When set to transparent the header will be transparent with a white logo.
When set to highlight the header will use the primary brand colour as the background colour with a white logo. | | isOrderCountSupported | Boolean | true | ?? | | isLogoLinkDisabled | Boolean | false | Whether the company logo is disabled from allowing the user to navigate home | orderCountUrl | String | false | ?? | | showDeliveryEnquiry | Boolean | false | Defines if it is necessary to show the "Deliver with Just Eat" link in the header. | | showOffersLink | Boolean | false | Defines whether the offers link should be shown in the navigation. | | showHelpLink | Boolean | true | Defines whether the help link should be shown in the navigation. | | showLoginInfo | Boolean | true | Defines whether the login & user info icon should be shown in the navigation. | | userInfoProp | Object | {} | Optional object conaining user details. If not provided userInfoProp is set via XHR call to /api/account/details | | userInfoUrl | String | /api/account/details | URL to call to retrieve the userInfo (when userInfoProp isn't set). | | showCountrySelector | Boolean | false | Defines whether the country selector should be shown in the navigation. | | showSkipLink | Boolean | true | Set to false if you need to remove skip-to-main-content link from the header. | | shouldUseJetLogo | Boolean | false | Set to true if you want to show Jet logo in the header. | Important: if you're adding a new property to show/hide something on the navigation bar, you probably want to check the hasNavigationLinks computed property, since you might have to update it.

CSS styles

The component is using utility css styles from fozzie package. You need to make sure to @include trumps-utilities(); mixin to your application styles if you use beta version of fozzie package (>= v5.0.0-beta.0). If you are using main version (v4.X.X) styles should come out of the box.


The events that can be subscribed to are as follows (if any):
| Event | Description | | ----- | ----------- |


Start by cloning the repository and installing the required dependencies:
$ git clone git@github.com:justeat/fozzie-components.git
$ cd fozzie-components
$ yarn

Change directory to the f-header package:
$ cd packages/components/molecules/f-header


Unit, Integration and Contract

To test all components, run from root directory. To test only f-header, run from the ./fozzie-components/packages/f-header directory.
yarn test

Running storybook

Storybook can be used to develop new and existing components.
To start storybook:
From the root directory run:
$ yarn storybook:serve

This will build and serve storybook at http://localhost:6006.