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Welcome to @kathondvla/style.
@kathondvla/style is the style of vsko applications, this project also includes components.

Installation and usage

You can install the @kathondvla/style using NPM:
npm install @kathondvla/style
Next you can include it into the project
var app = angular.module('VskoApplication', ['@kathondvla/style']);

When you are using the default webpack configuration, it should work. Don't forget to include the bundle at the bottom of your index.html
<script src="/dist/bundle.js"></script>

Icon font generation

  • First, make sure you have Node 4.2.1 installed. You can find the latest version of Node at NodeJS.org.
  • Then, make sure you have root access to your machine. You will need it to install a ruby gem to create icon fonts called fontcustom
  • Install the project's dependencies:
npm install gem install fontcustom
* You might also need to install fontforge. For download instructions see the <a href="https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge">Fontforge</a> repo.
  • To create the font run: npm run generateIcon. The fonts are created based on the icon-font-source folder.

Windows usage is not supported at the moment.