Node CLI helper for asking questions

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Wrapper around inquirer to make asking questions in Node CLIs easier.


Install It

Add to your package.json
"askIt": "git+https://github.com/keg-hub/askIt.git"

Use It

See an example here
;(() => {

  const { ask, separator, models } = require('askIt')

  // See src/models/models for more information
  const questionModelObject = {
    // Add the default input model
    // Override with custom values
    type: 'Question type',
    name: 'Name of the question',
    message: 'Question to ask',
    default: 'Default value if user enters nothing',

  // Pass the model directly to the ask method
  // Returns a value entered by the user or the default
  const askResponse = await ask({ ...questionModelObject })

  // Ask a true / false question
  // Returns a boolean
  const confirmResponse = await ask.confirm('Ask a confirm question?')

  // Ask for text input
  // Returns a string of the entered text
  const inputResponse = await ask.input('Ask for text input')
  // Ask for a password / secret - input will be hidden
  // Returns a string of the entered text
  const passwordResponse = await ask.password('Ask for hidden text input')

  // Ask for user to select an option from a list of options
  // Returns the index of the select option within the passed in array
  const listResponse = await ask.promptList([
    'Option 1',
    'Option 2',
    'Option 3',




@type function @param Object - a question model object
* See [src/models/models.js](https://github.com/keg-hub/askIt/blob/master/src/models/models.js)
* *@type* `function`
* *@param*  `string` - The true / false question to ask
* Helper method to ask a true/false question
* Accepts a `string` used as the question asked to the user
* *@type* `function`
* *@param*  `string` - The text input question to ask
* Helper method to ask a text input question
* *@type* `function`
* *@param*  `string` - The text input question to ask
* Same as `ask.input`, except user input is hidden
* *@type* `function`
* *@param*  `array` - List of options to present to the user
* Asks the user to select from a list of options
* @returns - `index` of the selected item from the passed in `options`


@type function Helper that returns new inquirer.Separator()


@type Object Prebuilt question models with defaults already set Expected to be overwritten with custom values as needed Question model object
* Matches the [inquirer questions](https://github.com/SBoudrias/Inquirer.js#questions) model