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Knora-ui action module
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This module is part of Knora-ui modules, developed by the team at the Data and Service Center for Humanities DaSCH.
The action module contains special pipes to sort lists or to get the index key in arrays, but also directives for images, sort buttons and s.o.


For help getting started with a new Angular app, check out the Angular CLI.
For existing apps, follow these steps to begin using Knora-ui action.


You can use either the npm or yarn command-line tool to install packages. Use whichever is appropriate for your project in the examples below.


yarn add @knora/action


npm install --save @knora/action


This module has the following package dependencies, which you also have to install.
  • @angular/common@8.0.3
  • @angular/core@8.0.3
  • @angular/animations@8.0.3
  • @angular/cdk@8.1.4
  • @angular/material@8.1.4
  • @knora/api@0.2.0
  • ts-md5@1.2.4
  • jdnconvertiblecalendar@0.0.5
  • jdnconvertiblecalendardateadapter@0.0.10

Required version of Knora: 12.0.0


Import the action module in your app.module.ts and add it to the NgModules's imports:
import { AppComponent } from './app.component';
import { KuiActionModule } from '@knora/action';

    declarations: [
    imports: [
    providers: [ ],
    bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {

Some components need a global styling in the app to override some material styling rules. Please update your angular.json file as follow:
    "styles": [
        "node_modules/@knora/action/assets/style/action.scss" // <- add this line

Components, Directives and Pipes

This module contains various components like a progress indicator, sort button and sort-by pipe, but also helper for images (in the admin interface) and existing names.