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Component library example in ReactJS

methodology and strategy

  • Semantic HTML
  • Atomic design, bottom up.
  • BEM naming for styling.
  • Eliminate dead CSS. Only needed styling are compiled. The React components import the needed styling.
  • Component based architecture. Each component owns the style-guide definition, styling and unit testing.
  • A css bundle is generated which can be shared to other projects than ReactJS. (markup pattern)

tech used

  • Babel 7, ECMAScript 8
  • Webpack, Webpack-dev-server
  • React, Storybook
  • Context Api using the (Redux + Redux thunk) pattern

quick start

view component library

view storybook
  • git clone/download
  • yarn install
  • yarn storybook
  • open localhost:6006 in a browser

demo of prototype

library usage example with npm

``` import { Button, Icon } from '@kunukn/ComponentLibraryExample'; let IconAndButtonExample = () =>
modifiers="call-to-action full-width"
icon={<Icon name='chevron'/>}
Click me
; ```


https://unpkg.com/@kunukn/component-library-example/ use
  • https://unpkg.com/@kunukn/component-library-example/dist/ComponentLibraryExample.js
  • https://unpkg.com/@kunukn/component-library-example/dist/ComponentLibraryExample.css
  • https://unpkg.com/@kunukn/component-library-example/dist/icons.min.svg
  • https://unpkg.com/@kunukn/component-library-example/dist/fonts/font.css (fonts only)

supported browsers

modern browsers + IE 11

run tests

  • yarn test

design principles

  • simplicity - BEM and composable components
  • overview - component library using storybook with code snippets and responsive web design test using view ports
  • portability - css bundle with icons and font. It's just markup and css classnames
  • availability - CDN: umd bundle, css bundle, svg icons
  • testable - unit tests for all components
  • playability - online demo website
  • off the shelf and conventions - using BEM, component architecture and standard tools (Webpack, React, Storybook)