Wrapper for npm audit to allow configurable vlun levels

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Wrapper for npm audit to allow configurable severity levels and support ignore lists for specific advisories.


To install into a project:
$ npm install --save-dev @lennym/ciaudit

If installed in a project then the recommended usage is to add a line to the scripts section of package.json:
"scripts": {
  "audit": "ciaudit"

and then run:
$ npm run audit

Basic usage

Define a base severity level by passing a flag of --low, --moderate, --high or --critical. Default: low
# as an installed module
$ ciaudit [--moderate | --high | --critical]
# with npx
$ npx @lennym/ciaudit [--moderate | --high | --critical]

This process will output a JSON formatted report and will exit with a non-zero exit code if any non-ignored advisories are detected.

Other options

  • --production - ignore dev dependencies when running audit (Default: false)

Note: --production will be inherited from npm CLI, so if running via an npm script npm run audit --production will be equivalent to npm run audit -- --production
  • --ignorefile - use specified file to load ignore list (Default: ./.auditignore)

By default an installed version of @npmcli/arborist is used to perform the audit, and so is not dependent on the locally installed npm runtime. However, this can be overridden by passing a --local flag.
  • --local - use locally installed npm version to perform audit (Default: false)

Ignore file

Advisories can be ignore by listing in an ignore file - default .auditignore.
Entries in the ignore file can be defined based on source, module name, and install path. Install paths are separated by > and can include wildcards (*).
# ignore advisory with source id 1005560

# ignore advisories relating to package `node-fetch`

# ignore advisories in child/descendant dependencies of `webpack`

Advanced usage

Ignore file entries can be combined by using a && separator. In this case all conditions must be met for the advisory to be ignored.
In the following example, advisory 1006947 (related to the glob-parent module) is ignored only when it appears as a descendant of webpack.
# ignore 1006947 as a descendant of webpack
1006947 && webpack>*

Note on path matching

Due to a bug in npm at time of writing, some reported install paths may be incomplete and not include a complete set of ancestor dependencies where a module with an advisory has multiple install paths with a common ancestor.

Updating from v1.x

v2.0.0 is a total ground-up rewrite of the module to solve a different set of problems that have emerged as npm audit has developed and matured.
As such it should be considered a complete breaking change, and a from-scratch reimplementation is recommended.