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Loggly Appender for Log4JS
Sends logging events to Loggly, optionally adding tags. This appender uses node-loggly-bulk. Consult the docs for node-loggly-bulk, or loggly itself, if you want more information on the configuration options below.


npm install @log4js-node/loggly
(This is a plug-in appender for log4js, so you'll need that as well)


  • type - @log4js-node/loggly
  • token - string - your really long input token
  • subdomain - string - your subdomain
  • auth - object (optional) - authentication details
username - string password - string
  • tags - Array<string> (optional) - tags to include in every log message

This appender will scan the msg from the logging event, and pull out any argument of the shape { tags: [] } so that it's possible to add additional tags in a normal logging call. See the example below.


  appenders: {
    loggly: {
      type: 'loggly',
      token: 'somethinglong',
      subdomain: 'your.subdomain',
      tags: [ 'tag1' ]
  categories: {
    default: { appenders: ['loggly'], level: 'info' }

const logger = log4js.getLogger();
logger.info({ tags: ['my-tag-1', 'my-tag-2'] }, 'Some message');

This will result in a log message being sent to loggly with the tags tag1, my-tag-1, my-tag-2.