Decorators that annotate LoopBack artifacts with OpenAPI v3 metadata and utilities that transform LoopBack metadata to OpenAPI v3 specifications

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This package contains:
  • Decorators that describe LoopBack artifacts as OpenAPI 3.0.0 metadata.
  • Utilities that transfer LoopBack metadata to OpenAPI 3.0.0 specifications.


The package has functions described above for LoopBack controller classes. Decorators apply REST api mapping metadata to controller classes and their members. And utilities that inspect controller classes to build OpenAPI 3.0.0 specifications from REST API mapping metadata.
Functions for more artifacts will be added when we need.


npm install --save @loopback/openapi-v3

Basic use

Currently this package only has spec generator for controllers. It generates OpenAPI specifications for a given decorated controller class, including paths, components.schemas, and servers.
Here is an example of calling function getControllerSpec to generate the OpenAPI spec:
import {get, getControllerSpec} from '@loopback/openapi-v3';

class MyController {
  greet() {
    return 'Hello world!';

const myControllerSpec = getControllerSpec(MyController);

then the myControllerSpec will be:
  paths: {
    '/greet': {
      get: {
        'x-operation-name': 'greet'

For details of how to apply controller decorators, please check

Related resources

See and version 3.0.0 of OpenAPI Specification.



Run npm test from the root folder.


See all contributors.