Renders LWC components in a DOM environment.

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This package can be used to render LWC components as DOM elements in a DOM environment.

Supported APIs

This package supports the following APIs.


This function creates an LWC component, given a tag name and an LWC constructor.
import { createElement } from 'lwc';
import LightningHello from 'lightning/hello';

const element = createElement('lightning-hello', { is: LightningHello });


Experimental APIs

Experimental APIs are subject to change, may be removed at any time, and should be used at your own risk!


This experimental API provides access to the component constructor, given an HTMLElement.


This experimental API enables the detection of whether a node was rendered from an LWC template.

Deprecated APIs

buildCustomElementConstructor() (deprecated as of v1.3.11)

This function can build a Web Component class that can be registered as a new element via customElements.define(), given an LWC constructor.
Deprecated in favor of using the CustomElementConstructor property of an LWC constructor.
import { LightningElement } from 'lwc';

class LightningHello extends LightningElement {}

// Don't do this.
customElements.define('lightning-hello', buildCustomElementConstructor(LightningHello));

// Do this instead.
customElements.define('lightning-hello', LightningHello.CustomElementConstructor);