Parses Magento PWA Studio directives

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PWA Studio Directive Parser
A Directive in Magento PWA Studio is an inline comment within a source file that signals additional metadata that should be processed by the PWA Studio tooling.
If you're a user of Magento PWA Studio, it's unlikely you're looking to depend on this package directly. The primary use-case for this library is to be consumed by other PWA Studio tools.


The primary goals of this project are:
  • Parse all JavaScript comments within a source file, and return descriptors for every comment that conforms to the Magento Directive syntax
  • Run significantly faster than a parser that parses the entire ECMAScript grammar
  • Provide actionable warnings/errors with location info


npm install @magento/directive-parser


const parseDirectives = require('@magento/directive-parser');
const { directives, errors } = parseDirectives(someSourceFileString);

Example Directive (Kitchen Sink)

 * @RootComponent
 * pageTypes = some_page, some_other_page
 * description = "Some description here"