tidy up a geojson input by filtering out noisy point clusters

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Create a tidy geojson by resmapling points in the feature based on sampling time and distance. Handy when geometries that have been converted from a noisy GPS/GPX output.
  • Set a minimum sampling time between successive points (Default: 5 seconds)
  • Set a minimum distance between successive points (Default: 10 metres)
  • Set a maximum feature length to split long segments (Default: 100 points)



npm install @mapbox/geojson-tidy


var geojsonTidy = require('@mapbox/geojson-tidy');

var tidyLineString = geojsonTidy.tidy(obj, [options]);


Any geojson file from togeojson is a valid input for geojson-tidy. Only LineString features are processed currently.
The timestamp array for the trackpoints need to be stored stored in features[].properties.coordTimes[]. Timestamps can either be JavaScript numeric Time Values (milliseconds since epoch) or strings in the ISO 8601 format.


The default output is a geojson FeatureCollection with the timestamps stored in the cordTimes[] property. All other properties are stripped out.
    "type": "FeatureCollection",
    "features": [
            "type": "Feature",
            "properties": {
                "coordTimes": []
            "geometry": {
                "type": "LineString",
                "coordinates": []


geojsonTidy.tidy(obj, [options])

Given a geojson object, return contains a tidy geometry with extra points filtered out based on default settings


Allows you to set custom values for the filter
    minimumDistance: 10, // Minimum distance between points in metres
    minimumTime: 5,      // Minimum time interval between points in seconds
    maximumPoints: 100   // Maximum points in a feature


./geojson-tidy -h
Usage: geojson-tidy [-d minimum distance between points] [-t minimum sample time between points] [-m maximum number of points in a single line feature] FILE
FILE is any valid geojson file generated by togeojson
geojson-tidy returns a stingified gejosn FeatureCollection
Example: ./geojson-tidy test/walk-1.json -d 10 -t 5 -m 100 > output.json


  1. Read a geojson FeatureCollection
  2. Loop through the features for LineString features
  3. Compare successive coordinates of the feature
  4. If the dinstance between the points or timestamp difference is too small, delete it
  5. Write a tidied geojson FeatureCollection with reduced points


Build with Browserify

To run this project in the browser, you first need to build it with browserify:
git clone git@github.com:mapbox/geojson-tidy.git

cd geojson-tidy

# to run tests
npm install

# to build geojson-tidy
npm run build

geojson-tidy.js and geojson-tidy.min.js are built files generated from geojson-tidy.js by browserify. If you find an issue, it either needs to be fixed in index.js, or in one of the libraries mapbox-mapmatch uses to parse formats.