vue-cli plugin for easy access to Sanity.io datasets

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Easily integrate Sanity as a datasource within your vue-cli project

Installation / Setup

To add this plugin to your vue-cli powered project, run the following command from inside your project folder:
vue add @mccann/vue-cli-plugin-sanity

You will be prompted for 3 configuration settings during setup:
Enter your Sanity projectId
Enter your dataset name (default: production)
Use Sanity CDN? (Y/n)

You can find your projectId and dataset name from your Sanity management console, but these should all be settings you are familiar with if you have worked with Sanity before.


The plugin will add some files to your project:
  • src/sanity/index.js is the main point of entry for Sanity calls within your project
  • src/sanity/options.js is the configuration file where your configuration is stored


The plugin adds a $sanity mixin to your project which exposes the fetch() method to your components like so:
const query = `*[_type == 'page']{
const data = await this.$sanity.fetch(query)
this.data = data