A Slate plugin that replaces pasted URLs with an anchor tags.

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Plugin transforms typed or pasted hyperlinks into an anchor tags.


yarn add @mercuriya/slate-linkify

npm install @mercuriya/slate-linkify --save


In your file with Slate component:
import React from 'react';
import { createEditor } from 'slate';
import { Slate, Editable, useSlateStatic, withReact } from 'slate-react';
import { onKeyDown as linkifyOnKeyDown, withLinkify } from '@mercuriya/slate-linkify';
import Link from '@material-ui/core/Link';

export default function EditorComponent(props) {
  const [value, setValue] = useState([ /* some initial state here */ ]);
  const editor = useMemo(
    () =>
      withLinkify(withReact(createEditor()), {
        // slate-linkify options
        renderComponent: props => <Link {...props} />,
  const renderElement = useCallback(props => <Element {...props} />, []);
  const onKeyDown = useCallback(function handleKeyDown(event) {
    linkifyOnKeyDown(event, editor);
  }, []);

  return (
    <Slate editor={editor} value={value} onChange={value => setValue(value)}>
      <Editable renderElement={renderElement} onKeyDown={onKeyDown} />

const Element = ({ attributes, children, element }) => {
  const editor = useSlateStatic();
  switch (element.type) {
    case 'link':
      // ❗️ this part is required
      return editor.linkElementType({ attributes, children, element });
      return <p {...attributes}>{children}</p>;


This plugin inspired by amazing draft-js-linkify-plugin and slate plugins official examples. It allows user to create links while typing or pasting without any additional manipulations.
It has issues, like: it doesn't know if remote site should use https or not. For example in cases like: typing...typing... google.com continue typing.... It is also ignores html pastes, because, in my opinion, they should be handled by other plugins, as official paste-html example does.
Please, see stories for more usage examples.


|Name|Type|Description| |---|---|---| |target? (default: _blank)|string|An anchor target property| |rel? (default: noreferrer noopener)|string|An anchor rel property| |className?|string|An anchor custom class name| |renderComponent?|args => React.ReactNode|A render function that allows you to use a custom link component with props you need|