A custom Pino logger for KafkaJS that follows the Mia-Platform guidelines'

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KafkaJS pino logger
javascript style guide

This library provides a pino custom logger for KafkaJS that follows Mia-Platform guidelines for logs

Getting Started


The package require kafkajs to work, to list the correct version you can run:
npm info "@mia-platform/kafkajs-pino-logger@latest" peerDependencies

To install the package you can run:
npm install @mia-platform/kafkajs-pino-logger --save

How to use it

The package exposes a log creator that you can pass to the logCreator option when configuring your Kafka client.
const { Kafka } = require('kafkajs')
const PinoLogCreator = require('@mia-platform/kafkajs-pino-logger')

const kafka = new Kafka({
  clientId: 'my-app',
  brokers: ['kafka1:9092', 'kafka2:9092'],
  logLevel: logLevel.ERROR,
  logCreator: PinoLogCreator

Output logs

The logs will have this form:
{"level":20,"time":1610718695,"pid":46244,"hostname":"test-host","logger":"kafkajs","extraKey":"Your extra","msg":"Your log message"}