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Solution for the isomorphic fetch

Documentation here


  • Provides validation for responses (based on joi Schema validation and may use your own validation function)
  • Provides the ability to make rest-api and json-rpc protocol requests in One interface
  • Provides query-params serialize (booleans,strings,numbers,arrays of numbers or strings and variable serialize options for different backend services, https://www.npmjs.com/package/query-string is used)
  • Provides cancel-request if the timeout is higher than timeout value (60 seconds by default)
  • Provides error catching (you dont need to use try/catch)
  • Provides the ability to match the exact error translation
  • Provides different kinds of the response formats to parse
  • Returns ALWAYS the hard prepared response structure (data, error, errorText, additionalErrors)
  • Works in modern browsers and ie11
  • Provides two main classes for REST API - RestRequest and PureRestReques.
    The difference is in the
hard-structured response format
  • Provides the ability to cancel the request by throwing the special event (ABORTREQUESTEVENTNAME)
  • Provides the ability to handle the response progress
  • Provides the ability to select necessary fields from the response (https://github.com/nemtsov/json-mask#readme used)
  • Provides the ability to use persistent params for all requests
  • Provides the ability to retry requests
  • Provides the ability to logging your error requests

Request input options:

  • endpoint(string): the request url
  • responseSchema: the response Schema that parsed by joi
    (you must use the joi in your project and insert the response Schema into this field)
  • body(JSON | FormData): the request body
  • mode('cors' | 'no-cors'): the cors type
  • queryParams(object): the object with the query parameters (they will be serialized automatically)
  • headers(object): the object with the headers
  • translateFunction(function): function that will be called with error text key and params (key, params)
  • isErrorTextStraightToOutput(boolean): flag not to prepare error text value - it
goes straight from backend ("errorText" if REST and "message" if JSON-RPC)
  • extraValidationCallback(function): callback that can be used for custom response
data validation or if you don't want to use joi
  • customTimeout(number) - milliseconds for cancel the request on timeout (or a full package of requests if the "retry" parameter is activated)
  • retry - number of requests try to request if the response is negative

Request output options:

  • error (boolean) - the flag of the response status
  • errorText (string) - the text error message from the backend
  • data (object) - the main data from the backend
  • additionalErrors (object) - the additional error data from the backend
  • code (number) - status-code from backend

Features and recommendations

  • body will be serialized in JSON if body data NOT FormData

!!! Attention !!!

If you need to support ie11 - please add the following polyfills

import 'abortcontroller-polyfill/dist/polyfill-patch-fetch';
import 'whatwg-fetch';


npm install @mihanizm56/fetch-api

Please, be careful. The response will be the object:

  error: boolean,
  data: Array<IResponse>,
  additionalErrors: null,
  errorText: string,
  code: number

The usage of the request api

const { error, errorText, data, additionalErrors } = await createItemsRequest(

Set persist options to all requests

import { ProxyController } from "@mihanizm56/fetch-api";

new ProxyController().setResponseTrackCallback(({
  requestParams, // all request parameters
  response, //  pure response protected object
  pureResponseData, // response body without formatting
  requestError: boolean, // is request crashed
  formattedResponseData // formatted response data in IResponse interface
}) => ({
 // do some metrics or logging here

Set callback for metrics for all requests

import { ProxyController } from "@mihanizm56/fetch-api";

new ProxyController().setPersistentOptions(() => ({
  headers: {
    foo: 'bar',