Angular.js wrapper for Dan Grosmann's bootstrap date range picker (https://github.com/dangrossman/bootstrap-daterangepicker).

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Date Range Picker for Angular and Bootstrap
Angular.js directive for Dan Grossmans's Bootstrap Datepicker.

Maintainer needed!

Hello, as you may noticed, we have troubles maintaining this repo. So if there is somebody willing to help merging PRs, testing and releasing, please contact me at lukas.marek(at)fragaria.cz. Thank you!
Beware: Use Bootstrap Datepicker v 3.0.3 and newer!
Date Range Picker screenshot

Installation via Bower

The easiest way to install the picker is:
bower install angular-daterangepicker --save

Manual installation

This directive depends on Bootstrap Datepicker
, Bootstrap, Moment.js and jQuery. Download dependencies above and then use minified or normal version.

Basic usage

Assuming that bower installation directory is bower_components. In case of other installation directory, please update paths accordingly.
<script src="bower_components/jquery/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/angular/angular.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/momentjs/moment.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/bootstrap-daterangepicker/daterangepicker.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/angular-daterangepicker/js/angular-daterangepicker.js"></script>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="bower_components/bootstrap-daterangepicker/daterangepicker.css"/>

Declare dependency:
App = angular.module('app', ['daterangepicker']);

Prepare model in your controller. The model must have startDate and endDate attributes:
exampleApp.controller('TestCtrl', function ($scope) {
	$scope.datePicker = { date: {startDate: null, endDate: null} };

Then in your HTML just add attribute date-range-picker to any input and bind it to model.
<div ng-controller="TestCtrl">
<input date-range-picker class="form-control date-picker" type="text" ng-model="datePicker.date" />

See example.html for working demo.

Mind the dot!

Do not forget to add a dot (.) in your model object to avoid issues with scope inheritance. E.g. use $scope.datePicker.date instead of $scope.date.

Advanced usage

Extra Options

These are options beyond those provided in daterangepicker.
pickerClasses : string
-- additional classesadded to picker dropdown element
cancelOnOutsideClick : boolean (default: true) (only applicable when autoApply==false)
If true, then clicking outside of the picker, after value has been changed on calendar, will trigger clicking cancel rather than applying value to model. If false, apply will be triggered.
changeCallback : function(startDate, endDate, label)
This will be called in the second $.daterangepicker callback parameter

Optional Attributes

picker : object
-- object to assign dateRangePicker data object to
options : object (watched)
-- all dateRangePicker options
clearable : boolean (watched)
-- will change cancel button to clear and use options.locale.clearLabel for text
min & max : moment || date string (watched)
-- sets min/max date values for picker
picker-classes : string
-- additional classes added to picker dropdown element
useclearvalue : boolean
-- if set to true than the clearvalue (see below) is in use
clearvalue : any
-- value set on model when click Clear button

Example element

<input date-range-picker class="form-control date-picker" type="text"
       options="{locale: {separator: ":"}}"

Example options

$scope.dateRangePicker = {
    date: {startDate: moment().subtract(1, 'years'), endDate: moment().add(1, 'years')} 
    picker: null,
    options: {
        pickerClasses: 'custom-display', //angular-daterangepicker extra
        buttonClasses: 'btn',
        applyButtonClasses: 'btn-primary',
        cancelButtonClasses: 'btn-danger',
        locale: {
            applyLabel: "Apply",
            cancelLabel: 'Cancel',
            customRangeLabel: 'Custom range',
            separator: ' - ',
            format: "YYYY-MM-DD", //will give you 2017-01-06
            //format: "D-MMM-YY", //will give you 6-Jan-17
            //format: "D-MMMM-YY", //will give you 6-January-17
        ranges: {
            'Last 7 Days': [moment().subtract(6, 'days'), moment()],
            'Last 30 Days': [moment().subtract(29, 'days'), moment()]
        eventHandlers: {
            'apply.daterangepicker': function(event, picker) { console.log('applied'); }


Optionally, event handlers can be passed in through the eventHandlers attribute of options.
<input date-range-picker class="form-control date-picker" type="text" ng-model="date"
options="{eventHandlers: {'show.daterangepicker': function(ev, picker) { ... }}}"/>

All event handlers from the Bootstrap daterangepicker are supported. For reference, the complete list is below:
show.daterangepicker: Triggered when the picker is shown
hide.daterangepicker: Triggered when the picker is hidden
showCalendar.daterangepicker: Triggered when the calendar is shown
hideCalendar.daterangepicker: Triggered when the calendar is hidden
apply.daterangepicker: Triggered when the apply button is clicked
cancel.daterangepicker: Triggered when the cancel button is clicked


Version > 0.3.0 requires Bootstrap Datepicker 3.0.3 and newer. Version > 0.2.0 requires Bootstrap Datepicker 2.0.0 and newer. Version > 0.1.1 requires Bootstrap Datepicker 1.3.3 and newer.

Changes of note


1) clearvalue and useclearvalue parameters added 2) stopPagination added to the calendar to prevent closing the dropdown when clicking on the calendar


cancelOnOutsideClick - enabled by default, was previously unhandled


See original documentation.

Issues and Pull Requests

The PRs are more than welcome – thank you for those.
Please send me PRs only for *.coffee code. Please, do not include Javascript and minified Javascript into PRs. Javascript and minified Javascript will be generated later with grunt dist command just before the release.
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See CONTRIBUTORS.md for all the great folks who contributed to this repo! Thank you, guys!