Date, money and template management functions commonly needed in Cosmoz views.

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Cosmoz Utils

cosmoz-utils contains date, money and template management functions commonly needed in page views. This package does not contain any visual element.

Upgrade guide

Upgrading from cosmoz-behaviors is very straightforward.
  • Cosmoz.TemplateHelperBehavior -> import { Template } from '@neovici/cosmoz-utils'
  • Cosmoz.MoneyHelperBehavior -> import { Money } from '@neovici/cosmoz-utils'
  • Cosmoz.DateHelperBehavior -> import { Date } from '@neovici/cosmoz-utils'
  • Polymer.mixinBehaviors([Cosmoz.TemplateHelperBehavior], Polymer.Element) -> mixin(Template, PolymerElement)
  • Polymer.mixinBehaviors([Cosmoz.TemplateHelperBehavior, Cosmoz.MoneyHelperBehavior], Polymer.Element) -> mixin({...Template, ...Money}, PolymerElement)

This code:
<link rel="import" href="../cosmoz-templatehelper-behavior.html" />

class DemoTemplateHelper extends Polymer.mixinBehaviors([Cosmoz.TemplateHelperBehavior], Polymer.Element) {

import { PolymerElement } from '@polymer/polymer/polymer-element';
import { mixin, Template } from '@neovici/cosmoz-utils';

class DemoTemplateHelper extends mixin(Template, PolymerElement) {

You can also pick and choose only the functions your element needs:
import { mixin, Money } from '@neovici/cosmoz-utils';
import { isEmpty } from '@neovici/cosmoz-utils/template';
import { isoDate } from '@neovici/cosmoz-utils/date';

class DemoMoneyHelper extends mixin({isEmpty, isoDate, ...Money}, PolymerElement) {

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