This library contains a plugin, a set of utilities and adapters that allow you to interact with NextGIS Web

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Build WebMap with NextGIS Web instance.
This library contains a WebMap plugin and utilities that allow you to interact with NextGIS Web.
Make sure CORS is registered in the NextGIS Web settings to be able to send requests.


$ npm install --save-dev @nextgis/ngw-kit
# or
$ yarn add @nextgis/ngw-kit

Usage example

As WebMap starter kit
import { NgwKit } from '@nextgis/ngw-kit';
import { createWebMap } from '@nextgis/webmap';
import LeafletMapAdapter from '@nextgis/leaflet-map-adapter';

import 'leaflet/dist/leaflet.css';

  mapAdapter: new LeafletMapAdapter(),
  starterKits: [
    new NgwKit({
      baseUrl: 'YOU NEXTGIS WEB URL',
      resource: 'WEBMAP RESOURCE ID',

Get NGW vector layer items
import { getNgwLayerItem, getNgwLayerItems } from '@nextgis/ngw-kit';
import NgwConnector from '@nextgis/ngw-connector';

const connector = new NgwConnector({ baseUrl: 'YOU NEXTGIS WEB URL'});

  resourceId: 2011,
  featureId: 1,
  connector: connector
}).then((item) => { ... });

  resourceId: 2011,
  offset: 10,
  limit: 300,
  fields: ['name', 'year', 'Ni', 'Cu', 'Pt', 'Pd', 'Au']
  orderBy: ['year']
}).then((items) => { ... });

Check out the API Documentation

Commercial support

Need to fix a bug or add a feature to @nextgis/ngw-kit? We provide custom development and support for this software. Contact us to discuss options!