Fs storage for ngx-cache (server platform)

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Fs storage for ngx-cache (server platform)
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Table of contents:

- Installation - Examples - Related packages - Adding @ngx-cache/fs-storage to your project (SystemJS) - app.module configuration

Getting started


You can install @ngx-cache/fs-storage using npm
npm install @ngx-cache/fs-storage --save

Note: You should have already installed @ngx-cache/core and @ngx-cache/platform-server.


  • ng-seed/universal is an officially maintained seed project, showcasing common patterns and best practices for @ngx-cache/fs-storage.

Related packages

The following packages may be used in conjunction with @ngx-cache/fs-storage:

Adding @ngx-cache/fs-storage to your project (SystemJS)

Add map for @ngx-cache/fs-storage in your systemjs.config
'@ngx-cache/fs-storage': 'node_modules/@ngx-cache/fs-storage/bundles/fs-storage.umd.min.js'

app.module configuration


You can call the forRoot static method using FsStorageStaticLoader. By default, it is configured to have the storagePath as './.temp/cache', and storageQuota is set to 5 MB.
You can customize this behavior (and ofc other settings) by supplying storagePath and storageQuota to FsStorageStaticLoader.

The following examples show the use of an exported function (instead of an inline function) for AoT compilation.

Setting up ServerCacheModule to use FsStorageStaticLoader


import { CacheService, CACHE, STORAGE } from '@ngx-cache/core';
import { ServerCacheModule, FsCacheService } from '@ngx-cache/platform-server';
import { FsStorageLoader, FsStorageStaticLoader, FsStorageService } from '@ngx-cache/fs-storage';


export function fsStorageFactory(): FsStorageLoader {
  return new FsStorageStaticLoader({
    path: './.temp/cache',
    quota: 5 * 1024 * 1024

  declarations: [
  imports: [
        provide: CACHE,
        useClass: FsCacheService
        provide: STORAGE,
        useClass: FsStorageService
        provide: FsStorageLoader,
        useFactory: (fsStorageFactory)
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppServerModule {

FsStorageStaticLoader has one parameter:
  • providedSettings: FsStorageSettings : fs storage settings
- path: string : storage path for cache files (by default, './.temp/cache') - quota: number : disk quota for cache files (by default, 5242880)
:+1: Yeah! @ngx-cache/fs-storage will now provide storage settings to @ngx-cache/platform-server.


API that runs on node.js


The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2019 Burak Tasci