The ESLint Plugin for Nx contains a collection of recommended ESLint rule configurations wrapped as ESLint plugins and an Nx specific enforce-module-boundaries rule.

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Nx - Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System

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Nx: Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System
Nx is a next generation build system with first class monorepo support and powerful integrations.
This package is an ESLint plugin for Nx.

Getting Started

Creating an Nx Workspace

Using npx
npx create-nx-workspace

Using npm init
npm init nx-workspace

Using yarn create
yarn create nx-workspace

The create-nx-workspace command will ask you to select a preset, which will configure some plugins and create your applications to help you get started.
? What to create in the new workspace (Use arrow keys)
❯ apps              [an empty workspace with no plugins with a layout that works best for building apps]
  core              [an empty workspace with no plugins set up to publish npm packages (similar to yarn workspaces)]
  ts                [an empty workspace with the JS/TS plugin preinstalled]
  react             [a workspace with a single React application]
  angular           [a workspace with a single Angular application]
  next.js           [a workspace with a single Next.js application]
  nest              [a workspace with a single Nest application]
  express           [a workspace with a single Express application]
  web components    [a workspace with a single app built using web components]
  react-native      [a workspace with a single React Native application]
  react-express     [a workspace with a full stack application (React + Express)]

Select the preset that works best for you

Adding Nx to an Existing Monorepo

npx add-nx-to-monorepo@latest

Documentation & Resources

A few links to help you get started:

Nx - Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System