Loyalty elements component.

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Loyalty Elements
This is an embeddable library with UI components to be used for interacting with loyalty functionality


yarn add @nuskin/ns-loyalty-elements

Local development

If you are using this in an SPA

git clone git@code.tls.nuskin.io:ns-am/nu-skin-aem/wm/loyalty-elements.git cd loyalty-elements yarn link

cd into the repo where you want to use the code

yarn yarn link "@nuskin/loyalty-elements" yarn build yarn serve

And your SPA should automatically detect changes to loyalty-elements

If you are using this in an AEM module

Yarn link does not currently seem to work well with AEM builds. In order to see your changes in an AEM module, you will need to make your changes, then push out a pre-release of loyalty-elements and update the dependency in the AEM module to point to the pre-release. If you can, it would probably be best to do your development with this linked to a Vue SPA, then verify that your changes worked in the AEM module, rather than doing all of your development by pre-releasing.