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Nuxt Content
Nuxt Content reads the content/ directory in your project, parses .md, .yml, .csv or .json files and creates a powerful data layer for your application. Bonus, use Vue components in Markdown with the MDC syntax.


  • Nuxt 3 support
  • A Markdown syntax made for Vue components (MDC)
  • Navigation generation
  • Code highlighting with Shiki
  • Blazing fast hot module replacement in development
  • Powerful query builder (MongoDB like)
  • Table of contents generation
  • Also handles CSV, YAML and JSON(5)
  • Extend with hooks and content plugins
  • ...and more

Nuxt 2

Nuxt 2 is supported with Content v1, documentation is on https://content.nuxtjs.org/content-v1 and the code on the v1 branch.

💻 Development

  • Clone repository
  • Install dependencies using yarn install
  • Prepare using yarn dev:prepare
  • Try playground using yarn dev


MIT - Made with 💚