Provides a mock JSON-RPC API given an OpenRPC Document

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Provide a Mock server for an OpenRPC Document.


Basic Mode

Given an OpenRPC document, Mock server will provide a mock implementation of the JSON-RPC api that: - implements all of the methods specified in the given OpenRPC document. - when calling a method with params used in an example, the example's result will be returned. - params without examples will have their results generated according to the method.result.schema: JSONSchema. - validates input params against their respective JSONSchemas. - Provides rpc.discover for service discovery-based integration testing.

Service Mode

Running the mock server in service mode will run a JSON-RPC service that: - implements one method: mock. It takes an openrpc document, returns a url path postfix. Appending the path to the services url will give us a mock server for the document provided. - host it yourself or use the OpenRPC hosted one: https://mock.open-rpc.org

CLI & Javascript/Typescript API

Mock server is generally meant to be run via CLI, however it can also be imported to your project. doing so will: - give you a function to start the server, and returns you the OpenRPC Server instance - from there you can add transports, routers & middleware



npm i -g @open-rpc/mock-server

Javascript API

npm i -S @open-rpc/mock-server




The default settings expect to find a file in the root of your project called open-rpc.json. It will must be a valid OpenRPC document as validated by OpenRPC Metaschema, or an error will be returned.
npm run mock-server

this will start an HTTP server on http://localhost:3333 (default settings)

Custom path or filename

Where my-open-rpc-document.json is a file in the current directory which is a valid OpenRPC document as validated by OpenRPC Metaschema.
open-rpc-mock-server -d my-open-rpc-document.json

OpenRPC Document from url

You can also provide a URL that will resolve the OpenRPC document in JSON format:
open-rpc-mock-server -d https://raw.githubusercontent.com/open-rpc/examples/master/service-descriptions/simple-math-openrpc.json

Running in Service Mode

Allows you to add documents to the running server as a JSON-RPC request. One mock server in service mode can handle a large number of mocked services at once with this configuration.
open-rpc-mock-server --mode service

A server is running on http://localhost:3333 now. You can call the mock method, and pass it your OpenRPC document, which will start mocking that service (under the returned url path).

Trying out the mocked service

- Try out the free to use OpenRPC-hosted mock server https://mock.open-rpc.org/ here - use your own localhost mock server with playground here - or try the postman-like only interface OpenRPC Inspector with any of the above links



How to contribute, build and release are outlined in CONTRIBUTING.md, BUILDING.md and RELEASING.md respectively. Commits in this repository follow the CONVENTIONALCOMMITS.md specification.