Webpack Solidity Hot Loader

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Works well with OpenZeppelin SKD and Starter Kit.


  • Allows importing .sol files directly into source code.
  • Allows to specify contract name for .sol files, like require("Contract.sol?contract=Counter").
  • Tracks dependencies for contracts, so children are updated when parents are modified.
  • Converts .sol files into .json using compile oz, oz push, and oz update.
  • Uses only development network so won't run on any other networks.
  • You can set the development network name using the loader's config.
  • Handles race conditions at Webpack pipeline using a lock.
  • Pulls build directory from truffle config.
  • In case oz commands are not available, uses cached versions of .json files.
  • Reports errors to console output and dev tools.
  • Compilation can be disabled using the loader's disabled config.

Import example

Counter = require("../../contracts/Counter.sol");
Wallet = require("../../contracts/Wallet.sol");

Config sample

    test: /.sol$/,
    use: [
    { loader: 'json-loader' },
        loader: '@openzeppelin/solidity-loader',
        options: {
            network: 'development',
            disabled: false,