A @pika/pack plugin: Adds TypeScript type definitions to your package build.

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A @pika/pack build plugin. Automatically adds TypeScript type definitions to your package build.

Note: This plugin is not needed if you are already writing TypeScript and using the ts-standard-pkg plugin.


# npm:
npm install @pika/plugin-build-types --save-dev
# yarn:
yarn add @pika/plugin-build-types --dev


  "name": "example-package-json",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "@pika/pack": {
    "pipeline": [

For more information about @pika/pack & help getting started, check out the main project repo


  • "tsconfig": The relative path to the tsconfig.json config file to use. Defaults to the top-level project TypeScript config file, if one exists.
  • "args": Optional, an array of additional arguments for tsc. Example: ["--build"]
  • "entrypoint" (Default: "types"): Customize the package.json manifest entrypoint set by this plugin. Accepts either a string, an array of strings, or null to disable entrypoint. Changing this is not recommended for most usage.


  1. Adds or generates TypeScript definitions for your package build: dist-types/
- If your package is written in TypeScript: Types are automatically generated from your source. - If your package already includes custom-written type definitions: These files are automatically copied into your package build. - Otherwise: Automatically generate definitions from your JavaScript source. (Note that this currently requires that you include @pika/plugin-build-node or some other Node.js build earlier in the pipeline.)
  1. Adds a "types" entrypoint to your built package.json manifest.