Pocket Prep UI Kit

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Pocket Prep UI Kit
A package containing globally used styles, SCSS variables + mixins, fonts, assets, and Vue components.


To install the UI Kit on an app, first run the NPM install command in your project:
npm i @pocketprep/ui-kit

Then import the appropriate scss file from the installed package into your project wherever it is needed. For example, to use the UI Kit colors in a Vue component, add the following to the Vue component's <styles> block:
@import '~@pocketprep/ui-kit/colors';

To import the styles into your Vue app globally, add the following code to your vue.config.js file:
module.exports = {
    css: {
        loaderOptions: {
            scss: {
                prependData: '@import "~@pocketprep/ui-kit/pocketprep.scss";',


We use ESLint and Stylelint. To run the linter on your files, run the following command:
npm run lint


In order to increment the ui-kit version when a change is made, you have to make sure you update both the package.json and the package-lock.json files. In order to do so and stage the commit, run the following command:
npm run patch

This command will queue up the version increment.